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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To the Moon and Beyond!

We really worked on learning the planets today.   Jupiter is the largest.  Venus is red hot.   The moon has craters and more!   The children loved painting those moon rocks (and yes I told them they were pretend ; ) ).  We made moon craters out of molding foam and will bring them home on Thursday.  It was a great fine motor activity as they had to pinch the clay to form the craters.  Today we worked on tracing our names.  This is the very beginning and I am working with them mostly on the proper hand position.  At this age, they should only practice for 10 minutes at a time as their wrist and hand muscles begin to hurt!   Fat pencils or markers are great to start with.   Our first priority is working with uppercase letters.

We have been working on patterning and learning sizes.  You can see here what a few of them did!
I have been working with the children on learning about spacial awareness.  Keeping our hands to ourselves ( I say we are in a bubble and have to ask first if we can go in someone elses' bubble.)   At this age, children are not aware of personal space and often don't like to be touched or hugged.  (Many of them like to give hugs!)   

Looking forward to Thursday, painting fireworks for the 4th of July!  We'll be playing with Red, White and Blue molding foam too!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Water Day!

What a fun day we had playing in the water together.  Sponges were a big hit, especially getting Miss Kathi wet!   We squirted and splashed and had so much fun.  We were wore out  afterwards and watched our Letter Factory movie!  We are learning the letters and their sound simultaneously. Thursday, we move onto Infinity and Beyond with our Space Unit!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ahoy Mateys! Arrrgh!

Finding treasure on our  maps and making our own treasure  chest with real jewels was a popular hit!



We have a new easel for drawing or painting!

Playing in water is a BIG hit in our class!

"Shells from the beach, Miss Kathi!  Did you get them at the ocean or buy them?

Trip to the Ocean!

This is a great time to get out of our heat and take a drive to the ocean.  Children like this unit because they can relate to their trips they have made to the ocean.  We are learning about shells, marine life and pirates (pretending, of course!)   Our class has been busy painting, pretending with our new set of ocean animals and pirate ships.   The class has really bonded and it has been fun to watch them make new friends.  They are very interested in each other's emotions and I have taught them if they want to hug a friend they must ask first.  We are respecting each other's space.!

I can tell the new craze of selfies has hit the little ones!  One of them asked me to do a selfie and before I knew many of them wanted to join in!  It was quite fun since I usually don't care for selfies!

There were many giggles during selfie time!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fun First Week!

We had a great first week of summer session and the children are all making new friends.   Even on the second day of class the children are falling into routine and their "class jobs".

The children mixed blue and yellow paint to make super Hero green!  This week the children called everything super power!  Super power painting, super power cleaning up and Super power snacks.
It's fun to offer an idea and have the children take off with it!

Super Pretend play!

   We have a new Circle Time board to learn days of the week, weather, counting, letter recognition and more.     We worked on our letters this week with Super S for Spiderman and Star.!
                                    Coming next week.......The Ocean!