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Monday, September 23, 2013

On the Mend

Dear Parents - It pains me not to be able to complete this session or prepare for the next.   I am on my back, never suspecting it was a disc injury.    I wanted to get out the last pictures I took from my last class.  It has been a true pleasure having your child in my class and I hope to return after the holidays.
The children love music time and learning about new instruments!
I was so surprised to see my friends spelling their names.  They all have done well in learning the letter sounds and recognition.

Miss Stacey has also been trained in our  "Handwriting without Tears" program and the children are learning the correct way to hold a writing instrument and form shapes and letters.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beary, Beary Fun!

   This week we learn about bears, their habitat and take in some fun, too with a bear hospital and tea party.  The children were so excited to bring their  friends to school.  We used the bears for math, comparing and contrasting colors, shapes and sizes.   We even did some adding along with this activity.   Welcome to our new friend, Chase!   Arianna was last weeks' Star and this week is Elias.   This is a very important activity to them to be able to tell their friends about their family.  Thank you for taking time with your child to complete their poster!  All the children will have a chance to be a shining star before the end of the session.

     Even with our short week last week, we learned about how special we are with our "All About Me" unit.  This a great way to show children diversity and why we are all so unique.   We had a sensory science center learning about the five senses.  Most every one did not like the slime at our touch center!
We made skeletons to learn about our bones and even did a life size skeleton puzzle!

We continue to do writing exercises and math at our hands on learning centers.  Remember, samples of writing are being put in your child's journal and they may not bring writing home.  We have wipe off tablets that the children work on during every class.
Our writing curriculum also uses wood pieces to make the letters.  We are learning to start at the top of the letters and go down.  You'll find the great handout in your parent packet for working on this at home.   Encourage your child to hold the pencil correctly to avoid a new habit forming.  Fat markers are great for beginners!  
Even holding a paintbrush correctly can help your child gain fine motor strength.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Surprise Birthday Party and Hop on Pop!

What a nice day with my class as I got to celebrate my birthday with my favorite friends.  Thank you to Tammy Fiorintin (Arianna) and Lori Klinger (Kaylee) for the nice celebration!

Everyone enjoyed the celebrating-but some only like the icing!

Today we had our "Hop on Pop" unit with much fun hopping on Bubble wrap. (That was a big hit) Our science today was use oil and water to see that they do not mix.  We made magic bottles, too. Zoo play, puzzles and math activities were repeated as they loved doing those on Wednesday.

A great way to end the week!  Star of the Week begins on Monday when we learn all about Arianna! The is a special part of our class when each "star" gets to shine!

Friday, August 23, 2013

One Fish, Two Fish.....

 What a fishy day!  We centered on counting and math activities today along with water play, math centers,and a fun fish bowl activity!

While cars, zoo play are fun, the children really gravitated to our math centers today.  They were yelling out counting the whole morning!

I suggest re-reading our books (as you will find on the lesson plan) to reinforce story telling and the concepts we learned in class.  Children love repetition and never get tired of doing something again!

Next week we begin our "All About Me" unit talking about why we are special and different from others.  The children can bring a picture of their family to share!

Spreading our wings is always fun!

Math centers include patterning, sequencing, sorting.

Math activities can easily be done at home.  Use pennies, legos, beans, anything to work with math skills.  We even did some adding today and you will surprised how well they did!

Quiet Reading time..........                          and ending with fun Parachute play!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Phonics at the Zoo Pre-K Fall Session '13

We are off to a great start meeting new friends!  While the children got acquainted today, we started working on the formation of letters to begin writing.  We formed letters with our new Handwriting without Tears curriculum.
 It's Dr. Suess week and we read Cat in the Hat and tried to throw balls into his red and white hat!  The children enjoyed doing a Dr. Suess  floor puzzle too!
As we begin learning our Zoo Phonics letters, (A-C) we work on sounds, movements and sight letters.
The children are excited about learning the movements and those who already know some of them like to practice with our movement poster.  In your folders you will find a small booklet and copies of the animals to do with your child at home.

Be sure to check our blog the day after class and I will keep you posted on our class activities!

Friday, July 26, 2013

More painting projects!

The children have experienced different kinds of painting the last few classes:  rubbing alcohol and its effects on liquid watercolors,  hand printing, bubble wrap,and  marble painting (as a group).  We have also been working on various math activities in our spare time.
A Group painting activity! Everyone looks like this after  painting!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Art Kidz MonoPrinting

The kids carved their designs into foam and made prints onto their paper.  They were very surprised to see their pictures. MonoPrinting is traditionally carved into wood or wax, painted and stamped.  Most mono prints allow the stamp to be used twice to make a print.

The modeling "noodles" were a big hit as they built their creations .  We ended our time by watercoloring seashells!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fall Classes online beginning July 19th!

McQueen Parks and Recreation
 July 19th ONLINE!  Fall Session  August 21-October 4th

Phonics at the Zoo Pre-K     ages 3-1/2 - 5   Monday, Wednesday, Friday   9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Children will delight in learning letters and sounds with this wonderful nationally known program.  Several Gilbert schools teach this program in their Kindergartens.   Included in learning are centers, Spanish, Sign Language, Art, Science, Math and a new handwriting program called “Handwriting without Tears”.  Miss Kathi was trained in this method of teaching beginning writing this summer!   If Pre-Kindergarteners are ready, the reading program will be introduced to them to begin their reading experience!

Pee Wee Art  ages 3-4  Mondays   11:15 – Noon
Join Ms. Kathi for a fun art project!  Learn different ways to paint! (Balloons, string, q-tips, sponges, rollers, bubble wrap , marbles and more!  Take home a  beautiful masterpiece!

After Lunch Stories and Crafts   ages 3-4  Mondays 1:15 – 2:15 pm.
Have lunch with Mom or Dad and then come hear a story!   A special craft project will accompany our book for literary connections!   

YOUTH:  After School Art!      Mondays   4:15 – 5:15 p.m.  Ages 12-16
Love Art?  Can’t get enough of it at school?  Join Ms. Kathi to do watercolors, drawing, mixed media projects cool shirts and more….and you still have time to get your homework done!    

Circus Day!

Trapeze artists, playing in the circus rings and the funniest clown ever!
I've so enjoyed this time with your children.  We had a great time getting to
know each other and I hope to have them in my class again sometime soon!

Our cutie circus performers~

Muscle Man!

The whole crew clowning around!