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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A look in the Classroom.....

We are experiencing many fun things.  We have a new center with a light board to learn mixing colors and shapes.  This is very popular and we take turns.   Friday was Science Day and WOW was it great.  Lizzy Lizzard came to visit and while in the cage, her tail turned blue and her body got spots!  That was fun to see as well as the bird nest Cole brought to show.   Spur of the moment activities are some of the most teachable!  Our planned science experiment was learning how it rains. (Not that we haven't had enough of that lately) We put water in a cup and added shaving cream to the top.  Then with colored blue water in a dropper we added it to the shaving cream.   When a cloud is full of moisture and can hold no more, it rains.   The blue water seeped through the cloud and "rained" in the cup.  Their faces were excited and their eyes so big!   We'll be doing many more experiments in the weeks to come...

Our First Week in Phonics at the Zoo Pre-K!

The children are forming new friendships as we learn the schedule of our class and enjoy learning centers, snack time and circle time activities.   They have learned the letter and sounds now up to "J" are are doing great remembering in just the 4 days we have had of class.  It always amazes me how fast they learn, like little sponges!    We are learning to say the colors in Spanish,  and six new words in sign language: friend, girl, boy, bathroom, drink, eat, love.  See if your child can remember them to show you.    Oscar the Owl has made many new friends!  He already went home with Sean & Julia and Zen!  Your child's turn is coming.  They are very excited.  I will post the dates when your child will bring Oscar home.  Perhaps mark the calendar and "X" off the days until their turn.

We are working on Math and Writing and following teacher's directions at our table work.

Skills like standing in line or group activities are one of the things Kindergarten teacher's say is most important when beginning formal schooling!

Remember, if you have any questions about our class, please ask!  I am available before class, by phone or by email at

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Class Begins August 18th!

A big welcome to all my families.....The Aguilars, Averys, Davlins, Giltinans, Lanzas, Maerins, Maxwells, Pierces, Scogins, and Wests!