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Sunday, April 17, 2016

It's been awhile!

Between computer niches and my back injury, its been a month since my last post.  The Spring session has been fun in spite of my week off.  I sure missed those little ones!  We have centered on new life and the cycle of the butterfly.  The children love science and have been very interested in the process.  Ask your child the stages of the butterfly!  They can spout it right off!

We were able to release 20 painted lady butterflies in our garden.  Check the Gilbert Parks and Recreation Facebook Page for our release photos!

The Thursday Class has enjoyed learning their new jobs and they remind ME!  Children love responsibility and it makes them feel important and proud!

Quiet book reading time is also popular.  I love to hear them making up stories to go along with the pictures.  One of the first signs of a good reader!

We were able to play "Hungry Caterpillar" math on my iPad and then we acted out the stages of the butterfly from egg to flying!

So many beautiful butterflies and ladybugs.
Teamwork in the gym with tug-o-war.  The first time we've learned how to play.  As the children are getting older, I introduce more group games with rules to follow.

A fun tired crew after time on the playground.

LadyBugs and Earth Day coming this week!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Outside time!

Oh, the wonderful weather we are having!   I'm so glad we have a playground and gymnasium that we can do gross motor activities.  Here they are at play....
Remember to have them wear gym shoes to school!

Wednesdays Yoga Time!

This is the first time I have introduced Yoga into my classroom.   We have been using a yoga cd made especially for teaching young children.   The best part, too is it is based on zoo animals!   A child comes up on the screen, shows the proper position and the children model it.   I cannot believe the balance these children have at this age!  It is definitely something I will continue to do in my classes. They would like to have it everyday but I can't reserve the TV that much due to other teachers using it too!  Delia, Dylan's mom has joined us couple of times on gym day to do yoga as well....and she's a professional! Thank you!

And....I love to listening to their conversations during class!

Who Let the Dogs Out?\

Amazing how the kids have progressed since the beginning of the year!  Everyone has better grip on those markers and pencils.

Clifford books are fun and captivating for little ones.

A big red painting day with all kids of tools and sponges.   Congrats Evelyn for trying to 
write Emily Elizabeth, Cliffords best friend! Good job!

The dogs were busy cleaning up their messes, and had fun walking like dogs in the lobby.  There was a lot of howling going on!

Even mommies can join in the fun!

Rainbow fun!

Our color unit was so much fun and the children kept asking for Rainbow Day.   Here's some of the fun we had!
Rainbow apron with our friends handprints~

Goofy guys thought up this one on their own LOL

Music and movement

Our science experiment to mix colors!  Bubble milk was a big hit!  A little food coloring, milk, a straw and a ziplock go along way for fun...