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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A new Phone App!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Spring!

The children in Zoo Pre-K had a wonderful week last week with Clifford the Dog. We talked about how to take care of a pet while having fun with Clifford activities. For more fun with Clifford, try the PBS website for activities.This week we enter into a unit on Spring! Your child will start to see how changes are happening all around us. Weather getting warmer, flowers starting to bloom and time for new Spring clothes, too. The children are already noticing these changes and many have the new Spring colors on. Wow, love the neon colors. We have begun to learn reading our color words, listening to the first sound ("r" when we hear red) and they are so excited to read! We constantly work on our letters and sounds, days of the week and months of the year. Each class we learn new sign language words: yes, no, good morning and good night. Several of the children are coming to me and using sign language without talking. This is so exciting. A wonderful thing for children to learn about diversity.Speaking of Spring, our caterpillars arrived today! They are feeding on the "caterpillar food" (it came with the kit - I have no idea what it is!) and will soon work their way up to the top of the lid where they will attach themselves. This will only take a few days, but the next step of the chrysalis stage will take 7-10 days. This will surely teach the children some patience. Many are wanting to name them already, but we will try and do that when they are in the cocoon stage. There are 10 of them! In the meantime, we have painted butterflies and will keep learning about the stages. I sent home coloring pages today so that you can review them with your child.Please leave a comment if you like the idea of a blog, and any ideas you may like to see on my page. Remember, Miss Cheryl will be the sub on Monday. The Easter Bunny and I will be recuperating. Me from surgery and the bunny from delivering all those eggs. Happy Spring!

New Blog,

After having many parents ask me to share the things we do in the classroom; I have decided to try blogging our activities,as well as give you, the parents, connections to do at home! I will be listing here ideas, links to learning, pictures from the classroom and more. I also tutor and motivate children Pre-K to sixth grade in Reading. My reading club is held on Mondays at my home. I find children mostly just need to be motivated to read and the rest falls into place. I do this by having them select their interests, add some fun to it, and all the while learning vocabulary, spelling and comprehension. If you are interested in this for your children, you may email me for more information.