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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Water Day!

What fun we had outside for water day!   Everyone had a squirter and doused Miss Kathi with them.  We had practice for our graduation program coming up Friday......the last day of school! : (

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Disney Week!

Oh, golly, gee !  We had a great Disney week!   We  had fun with Disney characters and being our own princesses and superheros.  We ended the week with watching Frozen and having a special treat. Thanks to Angela and Kevin for bringing Disney cupcakes!

We dressed up for Disney party day and 
we loved it so much, we talked all the 
following days about it!

Some Beary Fun!

It's been a week of stories like My Bear and Me, Corduroy Goes to the Library ,  and the traditional story of Corduroy.  As you know, the Teddy Bear wagons were a hit and we paraded around the center waving to whoever would wave back!  We held them at circle time, read to them, and even had the bear hospital to repair their wounds...
We went through many bandaids and gauze!

I found the best part of this unit was seeing the children enjoy "reading" together "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".  They were so excited to read the story word for word.   After books went home, they were even reciting the words of the book in class.  These are the type activities that really prepare them for Kindergarten.  They have learned about print, that it goes left to right, how to take care of a book, sight words, and literary comprehension.  We are ending our class soon and I am proud that many of them have begun reading.  All of the children know their letters and sounds!