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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Fun First Week!

The children have had fun learning about the life cycle of the apple tree.  We enjoyed apples on Wednesday for snack and learned about the core and even saw the special "star".  Painting with apples was a different experience.
Our science experiment showed how trees need water, sun and nutrients from the soil to grow. We watched Crystal leaves grow on our tree during class!
A look at the trees in Miss Kathi's hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holiday Session Begins......

 We have begun our fall session with new jobs in the classroom.  The most favorite so far is being the teacher.  Cole led us through our Question of the Day, "Do you like raisins?"  We post the Yes and No answers on our board and then do a math equation with the answers.

Marcus was the reporter today and kept us all captivated with his spooky story about ghosts and zombies and how Ollie Octopus caught them all with his eight legs.

We are learning about Apples this week and the sequence to grow apples.  See if your child can tell you the steps.   We enjoyed apples today for snack and got a close up look at the core, which we also made at our art center.

We did a special project with the help of Miss Kathi and Pinterest.  Our owl handprints were a smash hit and everyone was excited to take them home!

Welcome to our new friend Indie, who just moved to Gilbert two weeks ago!

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Great Session!

Thank you parents for supporting your child in our learning process!  We work together as a team to support the "whole" child!  Here are the last of the pictures from the Fall Session.  I'm looking forward to a great Holiday session with new learning opportunities as well as holiday fun!

We learned how to play Zoo Bingo today and everyone got the concept!