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Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Graduation Day 2015!

What a wonderful way to end our school year at McQueen!  The children enjoyed playing together and having our last snack and book reading time together.  

Then it was on to prepare for the march!
We marched and had a great time becoming Kindergartners and celebrating our year together!

Celebrating afterwards with our families........

Happy Graduation Pre-K Class Spring Session 

An "end" to a very good year!

 Thank you families for the wonderful gifts, cards, and positive comments you gave me today.  I love what I do and the children mean the world to me.  They are forever on my heart.   Have a great summer!

Thursday Last Day of School.....

Our intro to Phonics at the Zoo ended with singing for our parents.  The kiddos did a great job and we look forward to summer activities.  I am looking forward to seeing some of you for our summer class!  It will be full of super heroes,  dinosaurs, ocean, robots and space!  See you soon!

Friday, May 1, 2015

100th POST!

I am so happy that all my families are enjoying the blog.  It is such a great way for you and your extended family to stay in touch with your child's' activities. Pictures can be saved at anytime by dragging the .jpg to your desktop!  
Only 14 more days until the end of school!  I'm starting to think much about my Kindergarteners moving on and cherishing the last days of preschool with them.  This has been a very special group of kids and I have enjoyed knowing my class families. 
We worked hard on counting today and the kids did a great job!   We made our 100 counters and counted our bags into groups of 10.  Using manipulatives helps a child with one-to-one counting.  When practicing, have your child put their finger on each item as they count.  This will prevent skipping or miscounting items.

If you haven't seen much coming home lately, it's because we are working on end of the year projects and super secret projects ; ).  
Leave a comment if you enjoy the blog or have an idea how I could make it better!
Thank you all!