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Friday, November 28, 2014

Animals and Fun....

We were lucky to see the McQueen Duckies grow and get feathers.  They had to go back to the farm when one got loose in the teacher workroom!  Thank you to Deklan and his mom for bringing new puppy "Dutch" to visit our class!  Some of the children don't have a pet so this was a fun experience!

We Give Thanks for our Families!

We are a fun bunch, aren't we?
We had a great time learning how families and friends are the same and different.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rhyme Time Week...

We began our week with Baa, Baa Black Sheep and our new unit on rhyming words.  It was difficult at first, but then the children caught on and rhyming words became a fun game.  Even the silly ones.
It was especially fun watching them paint with toy mice!  Not only did they swish the tails in paint, they figured out how to make foot prints.

A new fine motor activity was out to try and squish pompoms  through the cheese jar! Good for little fingers!

I have been working with them on patterning ABAB patterns and moving on to more complex patterns as well, ABCABC

We added more free art time and music this week.  (We have some really good dancers in this group!)
 Clean up has become a group effort and straightening books as the Librarian is very popular.

We had a special treat to visit Miss Cheryl's room to see the newly hatched furry!  We tried our patience with "looking only".

And of course a good day ends with my superheros!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Family Farm Day!

 A fun day was had by all.  We saw a baby calf just born; and when it came time to feel the goats, picking alfalfa for the goats was right from the garden!

I'm so lucky to have such great children and their parents in my class!  I enjoyed time with all of you!
                            12 flavor of milk, who knew?  Banana was my favorite along with Cole and Zen.
This was a great followup activity to our previous farm unit.  I hope to have a "zoo day" in the Spring!

Halloween fun with Silly Hat and Sock Day!

We had fun decorating pumpkins, learning about bats and spiders!  Funny stories and games were a hit while we learned about nocturnal animals and creepy spiders (the whole class is intrigued with spiders! *except me).
 Fun being spiders and we even scared Rec.Leader Jeanne on the way to Bathroom Break!
Silly hat day was a fun alternative to costumes (and hopefully easy on mom and dad!)

With brooms and hats were a hit for our Halloween snack as we made funny witches for our party!