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Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Curious George Week!

We had a great kickoff for our week with Curious George.  There were many giggles and surprises!

Curious George got a ride to the school with Miss Kathi, but he was a  monkey in trouble when he didn't wear his seatbelt!   We made monkey hats and went on a hunt to find Curious George.  He was definitely getting into trouble!  We found him but he was in big trouble!
First he tried to get banana chips from the vending machine (or "snack box" as Arianna calls it).   We decided he needed to go in the cool down chair for awhile until he could follow the rules!    Curious George brought special plates for our snack today, too.
He even has his own sign inSign Language!        We colored pictures of George and tried writing "monkey" too.

Olivia as the Man in the Yellow Hat!
We ended our day hearing Curious Georges' story.  We learned we can't just call 911 if we don't need the firemen and we always need to stay by our moms and dads and not run away.  And yes, Curious George went to jail, but we won't.   He ended up in the Zoo.   .....and  Miss Kathi went home a tired monkey!

It's Spring Session!

We are back to learning after a restful break.....we are still concentrating on writing, math and letter/sound recognition.   We welcome two new students-Emma and Zach.   Our class is a great blend of personalities and a joy to teach!

  We had a great time during Green Week with our leprechaun hunt and found gold coins and blarney stones in a very cool treasure chest.

It's so interesting to watch development and it's what I love most about teaching.  I get to be there when changes are happening.  The children actually asked to have paper to write their names!  Now a writing center has become a hit every class.  Confidence is building and they are learning the letters and sounds every class.  A few of the children have begun the Starfall reading system and are working on their first book.  Nothing better than seeing a child's face light up when they understand the words.