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Monday, September 23, 2013

On the Mend

Dear Parents - It pains me not to be able to complete this session or prepare for the next.   I am on my back, never suspecting it was a disc injury.    I wanted to get out the last pictures I took from my last class.  It has been a true pleasure having your child in my class and I hope to return after the holidays.
The children love music time and learning about new instruments!
I was so surprised to see my friends spelling their names.  They all have done well in learning the letter sounds and recognition.

Miss Stacey has also been trained in our  "Handwriting without Tears" program and the children are learning the correct way to hold a writing instrument and form shapes and letters.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beary, Beary Fun!

   This week we learn about bears, their habitat and take in some fun, too with a bear hospital and tea party.  The children were so excited to bring their  friends to school.  We used the bears for math, comparing and contrasting colors, shapes and sizes.   We even did some adding along with this activity.   Welcome to our new friend, Chase!   Arianna was last weeks' Star and this week is Elias.   This is a very important activity to them to be able to tell their friends about their family.  Thank you for taking time with your child to complete their poster!  All the children will have a chance to be a shining star before the end of the session.

     Even with our short week last week, we learned about how special we are with our "All About Me" unit.  This a great way to show children diversity and why we are all so unique.   We had a sensory science center learning about the five senses.  Most every one did not like the slime at our touch center!
We made skeletons to learn about our bones and even did a life size skeleton puzzle!

We continue to do writing exercises and math at our hands on learning centers.  Remember, samples of writing are being put in your child's journal and they may not bring writing home.  We have wipe off tablets that the children work on during every class.
Our writing curriculum also uses wood pieces to make the letters.  We are learning to start at the top of the letters and go down.  You'll find the great handout in your parent packet for working on this at home.   Encourage your child to hold the pencil correctly to avoid a new habit forming.  Fat markers are great for beginners!  
Even holding a paintbrush correctly can help your child gain fine motor strength.