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Thursday, June 27, 2013

What a wonderful time with your children experiencing art!

This week we learned about Piet Mondrian and his contemporary work using shapes and primary colors.  Today we learned about Van Gogh's love of Sunflowers.  The children looked at a still life arrangement of sunflowers and drew their own wonderful versions.  They always amaze me with their talent to grab new concepts. They were very proud to display their work on the "door gallery".
Next week...more painting celebrating the 4th of July!  If you are taking vacations I wish you fun with your family and travel safe.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Squishy Clay and a lot of Fun!

Today we worked with Crayola Magic clay and made snakes with googly eyes.  The clay foam will harden by next week and we will paint them.    Everyone had a good time doing paint stamps today to make a nice summer visor.   After watercoloring frames, we ended our day with the book The Crayon That Talked, a wonderful book for children to learn that we are all different.  They all learned to get along together in the box.  I believe in teaching diversity and acceptance to children at this age - they are our future!  Have a great Fatherr's Day weekend, see you next week!

After requests for the Zoo Phonics Video, here it is!   Phonics at the Zoo class Pre-K will resume in the Fall Session at the Mcqueen Park Activity Center.  I'd love to have your child join me!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We had Bubbles, Blobs and Balloon Day!   The children started their play and before I knew it, they were making "sculptures" with the legos.   Someone said "let's do art with blocks!' and they were off and building.  It really is amazing what such little people can come up with!

When the balloons came out to paint, their eyes got so big.  "Paint with balloons?  We never did that before!"  By the way, this is a great activity for a birthday party!

We made our blobs with paint too, but Miss Kathi had her hands full of paint and couldn't take any pictures of that experience!    The children were able to draw with Rainbow Crayons - something many of them hadn't seen before and  also practice their tracing and drawing skills.

A great practice tool:  Write letters or numbers on a sheet of paper. Slip the paper in a sheet protector and have your child use a wipe off marker to practice.  It can be used again and again.  Need a wipe? An old white sock of Dads works really well!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our second day of Art Kidz and the childen are so loving the art projects.   Today we read "Mouse Paint" about mixing colors.   We read the story and painted with mouse tails!  The chIldren were a bit excited to paint with such an unusual "brush".    We used color wheels to learn about mixing colors.
Next week.....Balloon Painting!


 Mouse Painting was so fun!  Painting with tails!