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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Parties....

Fun games, making cards and delivering cards to our mail bag made a great party for our class.  Thanks to Riley for the great Rice Krispies!
                    Making Valentine Chains...                           Signing our cards.....
                                                                                        Waiting patiently for a special snack.
Showing acts of Kindness...

Outside play time
Happy Valentines Day!

Thursdays fun Class!

It's so fun to see new students learning and growing.  Many of our activities are teacher oriented, however there are times when children themselves learn to direct activities.  As I was cleaning up the room, the children decided to play Ring Around the Rosie.  They came together on the circle rug, held hands and had the best time falling down!

 We have special helpers in the class.  Our older 4's and 5's love to assist our beginner preschoolers.
  Snack is a fun social time to talk, but on this day pretzels became letters of the alphabet!

Flying time.

During Transportation week, several of our friends came out to see Mr. Dan fly his remote control airplanes.   The skies were clear and the planes were fueled ready to go!

 Our flight started out with some yummy donuts!   Mom Kate even learned to fly!

Sean and Kevin chose the Stealth Bomber as their favorite!

                                            We named the plane's pilot Captain Crunch!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vroom, Vroom!

A favorite of all children....transportation week!   We began by learning about community workers and the kind of vehicles they use.  Dressup is always a fun way to pretend.   We worked hard on our shirts and made tracks by running a car over the shirt with black paint on the wheels.  Everyones' turned out nicely as you can see by our class pic!

      Ms. Kathy Gomez will be subbing in our class on Wednesday, but will continue our learning with transportation.  I'll be back on Thursday for more learning and fun!

                                           What cute "cheezy" smiles!
                                    Two police officers for construction traffic control???
Making shirts (very messy) and getting ready for circle time!