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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Health Week A Hit!

We had so much fun this week with learning about dental health, healthy eating and keeping a healthy heart.   We learned about dental care and were "chefs" for a special smile snack.  Chef Combo visited us all the way from Italy. (He needs to work on his accent!)  On Friday we listened to our hearts with a makeshift stethoscope.  We used paper towel tubes and it really worked!  The children surprised me with their imagination by using them to look in ears, mouths, and even test reflexes!

It was exciting to see the looks on their faces when they finally heard the heartbeats!

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The children practiced writing their letters and dental words.  We drew pictures of healthy food, too.  These will be added to the journals.

As far as we could see, it looks like Katie's teeth are healthy and her throat is healthy as well!  Addison checks for reflexes.
Our chefs choose healthy foods.  We learned although some foods are really good, we should only have a small amount of them.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Moving from Earth Week to Health Week

 We've kicked off our Health week with Dental care. We learned all about baby teeth and adult teeth. Many of the children are VERY excited to become Kindergartners so the tooth fairy can come. You may want to check with the American Dental Association what the going "rate"is. (ha.) We even painted with toothbrushes today. I watched very closely so we didn't try to brush our teeth. (no one tried). We will touch on exercise, eating right and will listen to our hearts on Friday. More fun! Thanks to all the parents who have donated more snacks. You are all great!

 We visited the McQueen earth day festival and had fun learning how to take care of our earth. The Alpaca and other animals were a big hit. Our ten butterflies were released in the Butterfly Garden on the side of our center. They were beautiful and we enjoyed seeing them land on flowers.  .
 Friday was also Kaylee's birthday and she brought her pet chickens and rooster to visit our class. I love when the children can share things about their family
 Friday was so much fun watching the children bring their recyclables and create "Rosa the Recyle Robot!" It now sits in our lobby.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Life...

We have a new class member. Our first butterfly has arrived. The children have named her"Rosa". She is a beautiful orange painted lady!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The caterpillars have moved to the pupa stage.

Earth Week

We begin this week learning about how to take care of our earth. We will be fishing for trash in our pretend pond and learning how to keep animals safe. The children will be journaling with me about their promise to keep our earth clean.We began by helping the center paint a huge banner with our handprints. It will be on display this coming Wednesday, April 10th for our Earth Day festival. Don't forget to bring in 1-2 recyclable items for our Recycled Robot on Friday.Be creative (we need more than toilet paper rolls!) This is always a very fun activity for the kids.Our money unit begins this week, too-learning to identify coins and their value. I'm feeling much better and look forward to a fun week with the children.

Our Earth Day Celebration begins!